Free Publishing

Important Info:

  1. Authors need to provide complete print ready .PDF file for interior and cover separately in high resolution. We will not take any responsibility if there’s any problem in the book due to poor formatting.
  2. We will resize the cover according to print requirements.
  3. Please provide us with the exact size in which the interior has been formatted.
  4. Any image used in the interior or the cover should be minimum 300DPI resolution for best quality print.
  5. Compulsory buy back of at least 100 copies at printing cost.
  6. We will send payment link in email where you can make the payment and share the receipt with us.
  7. Shipping cost will be Rs.25/- per copy if total page count is not more than 250 (in 5*8 or  5.5*8.5 or 6*9). If book size is A4, please drop an email after placing the order.
  8. We will contact you in case of any issues.
  9. For immediate assistance, please text us on our whatsapp number 7501586381.

Please register on our website and email your book to

Calculate Your Printing Cost:

  1. Paper (80gsm cream, anysize except A4): Rs. 0.58/- per page.
  2. Paper (80gsm white, anysize except A4): Rs. 0.65/- per page.
  3. Cover(300gsm full colour, anysize except A4): Rs. 20/-
  4. Paper(80gsm cream/white A4): Rs. 1/- per page.
  5. Cover (300gsm full colour, A4 size): Rs. 25/-
  6. Hardbound (except A4): Rs. 60/-
  7. Jacket: Rs. 20/-
  8. Cover flip-side printing: Rs. 15 per side.
  9. Lamination: Gloss or Matte (no extra cost for whichever lamination you choose.) We use Matte by default.

* GST of 18% will be added to the final cost.

*We print with environment-friendly paper.

* We will provide the minimum selling price. You choose too decide the actual selling price.