Quick Tips to Maintain Motivation When Writing a Novel

Motivation is very important while writing a book. From my personal experience I have seen it was very easy to keep myself motivated and focused on my first book titled “Aphrodite”, but after I got it published, I lost motivation to write the second book. There are some factors that work towards keeping up the motivation. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Goals: If you have a goal, you will be motivated to achieve it. However, if you don’t have a goal and you keep saying you want to do one thing, but it never happens because you did not make a plan.
  2. Futuristic: Be futuristic to keep yourself motivated. Don’t limit yourself to the achievements you are getting easier. Try to explore and expand. More importantly, have the wish to grow or reach perfection.
  3. Research: Novel writing needs dedication and research. In case you don’t research enough and start writing a book, you will have writer’s block, and you might stop in the middle looking for some hope. It might affect your writing too. There is no end to knowledge so either you research well before writing or keep researching. The other way is time taking and took me five years to finish my first book.
  4. Develop a thick skin: If you are sending your book to beta readers and you face criticisms, don’t be hurt because your readers will be unknown people only, you have to face all types of audience, and your writing should be open to criticisms. Take criticisms as a compliment and try to improve yourself.
  5. Write Daily: Don’t leave a book unattended for days if you have started to write. If you stop for a day, you might start losing interest. Write daily or at least sit with the unfinished manuscript and think how to finish it or try reading it, you will feel the urge to write and finish it.

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