Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are Woven Words?

Woven Words is a registered Independent publishing company that helps both published and unpublished writers to publish their books with the best services possible.

2. Why publish with Woven Words?

Woven Words is the fastest growing publishing company in India with its registered office in Kolkata and operational office in Hyderabad. We have an in-house team of editors, graphic designers, website designers and marketing experts who will bring out the best of your book. Woven Words staffs guide you through every step of publishing, and the founder himself likes to deal with the authors directly to make sure that they are all happy with their work.

3. How to publish with Woven Words?

Woven Words Team has been working to make things easier for everyone who has written a book or has a great story to tell. Our publishing process is less complicated, and any writer can become a published author with us in just seven days. They have to choose a package, submit their manuscript, sign the agreement and then get their dream book published.

4. What is Guided Publishing?

Guided Publishing is a program where we guide the authors through every step of publishing. Be it a debut or a published author; we guide everyone. Guided publishing process comes with all sort of services that are included in the package, and our commitment is to provide quality work.

5. Why are the publishing packages?

The publishing packages we have to include the cost of publishing the book and also the cost of printing the copies. Various packages have various features; therefore, the authors should choose the packages which will be suitable for their book. To seek help with selecting the package, give us a call at 7001667002.

6. Is it traditional or self-publishing?

We are very clear right from the beginning that we are an independent publishing company; therefore, we have both the features of traditional publishing and self-publishing. Our publishing packages are designed to cater to the needs of everyone.

7. Who assigns an ISBN?

ISBN(International Serial Book Number) is a 13 Digit number that is assigned by the ISBN agency UK for a particular book. The authors should not worry about how to get the ISBN because we get them and assign them for every book along with a barcode. The ISBN works as an identifier for all the books sold worldwide.

Yes, you own all rights to your book including the copyright.

9. How many copies are printed in the first print-run?

The number of copies in the print run varies from the package you have chosen. With Woven Words, books never go out of print. 

10. How do you calculate the selling price of the book?

We calculate the selling price of the book after deciding the printing cost. You can use the royalty calculator on the site to find out the printing cost of the book. The printing cost also depends on the size of the book, the page count and the cover.

11. How much can I earn from the sales?

The earnings depend on how much you promote your book. As the publisher of your book, we will do our part, but you have to be active in promoting the book because it is your book and nobody other than you can spread the word better.

12. Can I check how many books I have sold?

We will keep authors updated on monthly basis about the sales.

13. How and when the royalty is paid?

We pay the royalties every month end and royalty is paid to the account numbers of the authors registered with the publisher. Authors can also receive royalty via Paytm.

14. Can I ask for any help from Woven Words after my book is published?

Once you are our author, you are always welcomed. We will help you at any stage if you face any problem.

15. How can I get help from Woven Words after my book is published?

We are happy to say that we have100% happy authors now and nobody has ever complained about our services or our quality in the last three years of business. Therefore, we try our best to serve our clients with the best services because we can only grow by making our clients happy. Authors who publish their book with us need not worry, they can contact us via phone or by email whenever they want, our team will always be happy to help them.

16. What are the formats my book will be available in?

Woven Words will make your book available as a Paperback and Ebook. In case you have published with the DIY option, we can create and publish an eBook for you, but we charge for that services. However, authors who publish with the Guided Publishing option doesn’t have to worry about anything because we will create the ebook and also distribute them along with the paperback version.

17. Where will my eBook be available?

We publish the ebook on Kindle, Google Play and Juggernaut.

18. Any other query?

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