Traditional PublishinG

If you have written a blockbuster and you want to publish it traditionally, you are at the right place.

At Woven Words, we are very passionate about the books we take for traditional publishing. We edit the books with the best in-house editor and design the books to perfection. Our robust marketing team targets to make every book a best-seller.

Perks of Being Traditionally Published

Find a whole new market for your book

Get reviewed by Newspapers

Get interviewed by Bloggers

Bulk printing of books to reduce production cost

Extensive social media marketing

Dedicated promotional manager

Premium Paperbacks

Get E-Books published on Juggernaut, Kindle, Google Play and Google Books

Author Universal Identity Number

Brand building

Chance to become an Amazon Bestselling Author

Harness the power of Google and Youtube Ads

Copyright registration

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*Mandatory buy back : 500 copies (minimum)