5 Tips to promote your book effectively – 1

  1. Set your goal: Everyone book is written to meet a goal and every marketing/promotional campaign has to have a goal because promotion and marketing are wider terms and have unlimited possibilities. It is not possible to keep running after the horizon so sketch out your plan and find out what you want. For example: If you are writing with the aim to make money, write something that can get you money.
  2. Focus on your target audience: It is very necessary to focus on the target audience. A book is always written keeping the audience in mind. It can be for children, teenagers, middle aged, girls, women or aged people. The promotional plan should be made in such a way that the target audience gets to know about the book and purchases it. Remember, the target audience is the one to decide if a book is good or bad.
  3. Formulate marketing plans: Marketing plans are the vital aspect of the promotion. It is not possible to promote a book without a proper plan. The marketing plan made by an expert marketer can only guarantee you success. And without a proper plan, neither the author nor a publisher can promote a book because they will lose both money and time.
  4. Research the market: Before launching a book promotional campaign, you are advised to research the market in order to find out the location, lifestyle and education of the right audience. In case you don’t do your research, you might be at loss. This is because you cannot promote your book among uneducated class who doesn’t know about the value of your book. Research is also necessary to find out what the readers are willing to read. It is of no use to promote a romance among an audience who are die hard sci-fi fans.
  5. Set a budget: Last but not least, you need to set a budget for promotion. If you are taking the help of the publisher, they will suggest you to set a budget. No promotion can happen without putting in money. If you want a book to stand out, there has to be a financial backing.

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