Why should you publish with Woven Words?

Publishing has become an easy task since when the Independent Publishing has revolutionized the publishing market. The concept of Independent publishing first came up in the US and many big traditional publishing houses were affected because of this dynamic change in the industry. The traditional publishing market had a strong hold in India until the advent of Amazon that provided the first self publishing platform in India and also provided many other publishing services to Independent publishers and therefore, the market for Independent publishing has been growing since then. Traditional publishing still exists in India but the picture of the publishing industry is changing very fast. Today, there is hardly any difference between a traditional publisher and an Independent publisher because both of them provide almost the same services. In fact, the Independent publishers provide a wide range of services to the authors which traditional publishing houses cannot provide. Out of many Independent publishing companies, Woven Words is proud to say that it stands out of the crowd.

10 reasons why Woven Words is the best are:

  1. Possibility based packages: Nothing comes for free in this world. Therefore, industry experts have curated the packages based on the requirements and the possibility of the manuscript. It is upto the authors to choose the packages but the Woven Words team also take active part in understanding the need of the authors and then helping them to choose the right package for the right book.
  2. Affordability: Publishing with Woven Words is affordable. Should you compare our packages with any other publishing companies, you will definitely find out that Woven Words provides more than expected at a competitive price.
  3. Transparency: Almost all traditional publishing companies have issue with transparency. They don’t involve the author in the whole publishing process so the authors never come to know how it all works. But at Woven Words, authors themselves initiate the process by signing up on our website and submitting their manuscript and also signing the agreement right from their author dashboard. Not only this, but also the authors can check their sales reports from there and also refer their friends.
  4. Maximum Royalty: Everyone who approaches a publisher asks about royalties and we are proud to inform that we are paying a maximum of 100% royalties to all our authors from now on. And by 100% we mean 100% of sales after deducting the printing and distribution cost.
  5. 24*7 support: The Woven Words team work throughout the day and we are ready to help our authors any time they call or message us.
  6. Expert designers and formatters: Woven Words is the only publishing company in India to have been nominated for the German Design Awards 2018 by the German Design Council. We have the best designers to design and format your manuscript to give it a professional look. We are happy to share that authors from other publishing houses approach us often to get their cover designed and we have 99% satisfied customers.
  7. Quality paperbacks and hardbacks: The print quality that Woven Words provide is not available with any other publisher. Our paperbacks and hardbacks are the best in the market and we not only assure about the quality inside India but also we guarantee the same quality irrespective of the country it is purchased in.
  8. 100% happy authors: We are proud to inform that we have 100% happy authors till date. No authors have ever complained about our services or about anything else in the last 2 years of business. We try our best to keep our authors happy because books are the first thing a publishing house needs and if there are no authors, there are no books either.
  9. Best editing services: These days most publishers don’t have an editing team and they print anything they receive without even proofreading it. But at Woven Words, we believe in quality. If a book is poorly written, we inform the author and then edit the book professionally to make it error free and readable. Nobody likes to read a book with mistakes. Our experienced editors make a good, a bloody good book.
  10. Learning with Woven Words: We believe in educating our authors because when authors are trained, they can produce the best work. Therefore, we keep our authors updated about latest trends of publishing via blogs and newsletters to help them learn and enrich themselves.

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